Exceptional Features to Manage
your Creative Workflow

Structured Dashboard Display

Everything Organized in One Place

  • check-markCreated with Sketch. Limitless folder structure for easy access to any part of your projects.
  • check-markCreated with Sketch. Browse and manage your projects, folders, files, and links easily.
  • check-markCreated with Sketch. With a simple click add and manage collaborators of each folder or file.

Advanced Upload Experience

Upload in the Background

Simultaneous upload with no waste of time. You can move on to do anything else and you will be notified once your upload is done.

Efficient Control of Uploads

Seamless control and tracking of upload progress without interruption of your work. Add and remove files to the upload queue as you go.

Unlimited Upload Capacity

Upload large media files and folders of any size. A single file or countless folders will be uploaded to your projects fast and with no hassle.